Bakhoor SAUD are incense oud sticks that are distinct in use and a pleasure to the nostrils without being too overpowering.
Infuse your home environment or workplace with the scents of the Arabian world with these high quality bakhoor sticks (oudh incense burning).
Bakhoor constitute of a perfume oil rich in amber, saffron and agarwood. Each stick is crafted with rich proportions of perfume oil.

Put one or two piece/pinch in a very hot electric incense burner or a charcoal incense burner.
You can also crush the balls and sprinkle it in the electric incense burner or a charcoal burner for an everlasting aroma that stays even after long the
tablets are burnt out.



The burning of Frankincense and Myrrh resins,with also Agarwood chips and bakhoor is actually a tradition of the Middle East undoubtedly goes back since probably to the dawn of humanity.Also in addition to this,the burning of fragrant materials to change and enrich the atmosphere if not only just Middle Eastern but is found used worldwide by many or most cultures. So remember it is the combination of oils, chips, Agarwood, and many other fragrances that makes up bakhoor.

Products Features :

Perfuming the house
For welcoming special guests
To attract customers to a store and enhance their buying experience
To enhance one’s mood and increase creativity
To create a romantic atmosphere for a couple’s bedroom

Ideal for :
Your Home, Office, Hallway and Living Room
A small amount is long lasting and has a pleasant fragrances.

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10 g, 20 g, 30 g, 40 g, 50 g, 60 g, 70 g, 80 g, 90 g, 100 g, 120 g, 140 g, 160 g, 180 g, 200g, 225 g, 250 g, 275 g, 300 g, 350 g, 400 g, 500 g


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